Noosa Amsterdam

Create your own story... ONLY 2 EASY STEPS

STEP 1. Choose your favourite Noosa Amsterdam item e.g. leather band, wallet or bag
STEP 2.  Create your story by picking your favourite chunks to go back with your Noosa Amsterdam piece, each chunk has their very own means behind them & are all handmade out of natural materials


Happy creating & welcome to your new addiction :)



The Noosa Amsterdam products are manufactured with respect for both people and nature. Products are handmade by local craftsmen in Nepal, Peru, and Indonesia, using mostly natural materials. We work together with the fairtrade group during the creation of the collection, which is an organisation which is committed to realising a better social and economic situation for people from the lowest social classes. They deserve an honest wage and should be enjoying good working conditions. This allows us to contribute to a better life for these families and ensures their children can attend school.

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